Web Design

The original design of the revived 'Bred Crumbs blog

When the Whole Is Less Than the Parts

And so it came to pass, that I redesigned this blog before I even launched it.

It’s a surprising outcome, no less to me, especially since the first design was an intentional experiment. I wanted to try a Pinterest/Tumblr approach to the home page. And I wanted to experiment with a variation on the latest-first tradition: leading with a featured post, even if it wasn’t the newest thing, while maintaining reverse chronology on everything else. Making that work would have provided blog fodder, too. (And might still.)

So, what made me rebuild the ship before I cracked the champagne bottle against it?

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End of the Line for Links

I went to the desktop to look up something on Google last night (notice how I worded that in a way that no one does to respect a certain web giant’s trademark), and was surprised to not see something: lines beneath the links.

Link underlines have been gradually going extinct on the web for a while now. Google was a big holdout, a strong indicator that those lines were still found to be, by a company that doesn’t muck about with such things, too valuable a cue to throw away. (Though even it had put a toe in the lineless water, removing lines on all but the main entry links, and, for some reason, “Previous” and “Next” in the pagination.)

Apparently, no longer.

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